Getting ‘Established…’

We just launched Episode 5, which is the first episode where we talk about plot elements openly. We planned from the very beginning to use the first six episodes as ‘establishers,’ where we would introduce the characters, the setting, and the overall mood of the story. With only one of those episodes left to go, it is time to start lifting the lid on plot.

We’ve got a quirky professor of astronomy named Robert, who thinks he might possibly be in the early stages of some kind of mental illness. This is a big problem for him, since his Dad lost it many years earlier and killed himself. We’ve got a group of apparently dark individuals who seem intent on following Robert around, a fact of which he apparently unaware. We’ve got a young kid who seems to know that something is up, and we’ve got a colorful Godmother type who either knows something or is just as crazy as everyone else.

And we’ve got a question — do you have to be crazy to believe in God? I mean…let’s face it — if you’re hearing from God, you probably should check your meds. Even the prophets, revered by most of the monotheists, were strange outcasts who yelled a lot and ate bugs.  Is a belief in a divine presence nothing more than a form of mental illness? Or, perhaps, it is just our own way to desperately apply meaning to our own otherwise accidental existence?

To many, a sound and unswerving faith in God is as natural  as breathing. To others it is a silly fantasy, a grown-up fairy tale that causes more harm than good. To most there is no middle ground, and all discussion is moot. We’re not so sure…..we see people becoming more dipolar than ever, unable to talk about something as mundane as the weather without getting angrily political. We may ve crazy ourselves, but we’re going to give this a shot.  Our character might be hearing from God…is he crazy or not? What questions should he ask, and where should he go to ask them? We’re ready to hear from you now, and to begin the journey forward … we believe that it is okay to ask any question, just as long as we are willing to listen for the answer.  We don’t need hate, or B.S’ers….we need questions.  Check us out at We want to hear from you….who is God?


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