Eleven, Eleven, Eleven, Eleven…..

I really didn’t intend for Episode 11 to go out on 11/11/11…things were really busy here and it just sort of happened that way. I actually uploaded them on the evening of the 10th, the fact that they went up on the 11th is just pure chance. The fact that episode 12, which we are rehearsing today, is all about weird coincidences just adds to the mystery of it all. I mean….what exactly are the odds?
Which if course begs the question “Who cares?” We have what appears to be a really unusual alignment of galactic forces here, and it makes no difference in anyone’s life whatsoever. Does it even matter? Why waste time paying any attention at all? To me, It hearkens in some small way back to the challenge in Episode 10 that “God doesn’t talk to people anymore.”
I’m reading a book right now called “Why God Won’t Go Away,” and it is turning out to be a lot of fun. It was written by a group of doctors, and it presents an extremely interesting progression of arguments concerning many of life’s eternal questions. It turns out that there is more there than we might at first believe, and that how we react to what appears to be a spiritual conundrum tells us things about ourselves that we really need to pay attention to. There is some serious physiology at play here, as well as some ages-old survival routines that can be triggered at will by those that know how.
And so I sit, waiting for a project to pull from archive into my edit system, pondering the strange patterns that life can throw at us. I begin to think about lunch, I pull up my phone to check the time, and….you guessed it — 11:11. I didn’t plan any of this, I promise.


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