Producer’s Notes

Okay – so I’ve never been pregnant. I’m a guy for one thing, that might have something to do with it.
The fact that I’m pushing 60 may figure in there somewhere as well. I am married, but my wife and I got busy with life and forgot to have kids, so I have no real experience with the birthing process at all.

But that doesn’t mean that I can’t imagine. And right now, I am imagining that having this movie inside of me that I’m trying to push out can’t feel all that different from delivering a baby. I have no doubt that many are the mothers out there who will take exception to my analogy, and trust me – it is not my intention to demean their experience. Its just….well….were I am right now is full of uncertainties, things are taking forever, and sometimes they hurt like hell.

I can’t help but notice that more people are launching themselves into movie making than ever before. A lower technology threshold and a non-existent barrier to distribution have all kinds of folks taking up the lens and proclaiming themselves makers of ‘film.’ Some of these folks are savvy, some of them are not. I’m somewhere in the middle, just banging my way through. Sometimes its fun, always it is interesting, and as I’ve said before – there are times when it just plain hurts.  The good news is that I’ve got a really great exec who is now handling most of the non-technical details of this particular effort.  His name is Chris, and he’ll be runing point on this part of the blog as the project kicks off.  Things are about to get interesting…..


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