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Wow — we finally pulled the trigger on this thing.  It got kinda weird there near the end, as every one of of the real (i.e. ‘paying’) jobs we had in  the shop during the run-up to launch ended up being pretty labor-intensive. Everyone’s deadlines moved as if by magic to the same hour of the same day (evening, to be precise)  and we were frantic trying to get everything done.  Delaying the Dreamer release would not work — we had delayed it too many times already, and our schedule for the rest of the year is not pretty. We decided to just forgo sleep for a while, push all the paying work out and wiggle a little Dreamer time in the midst of all of it for something resembling final tweaks. There were a lot of things we did not get a chance to fix,  such as music in places color grading in others, but all in all we’re okay with how it looks. The purpose of Dreamer is the story,  we knew from the outset that we might have to cut a corner or three from time to time.  The paying gigs came first, and our clients have all reported back that their projects did very well with their presentation audiences . Our hope is that Dreamer will do the same.

And so — it is up. There are links on our page to the Y/T and Vimeo locations, our Blip address is  We had a truly great launch party with a very large turnout, I send again my sincerest thanks to everyone who helped make that happen. We’ve got a good group here…..

And now — time to catch up on some sleep…..I wonder if I remember how?